Bail Costs

California Bail Costs

The Californian bail bonds industry, is mandated by California law. Every state bail bond is usually 10% of the total bail and is also mandated via California law, and established by the California Department of Insurance. Any bail bond amount is a percentage of the total cost of the bail, and can not be refunded. California bail bonds agents, as well as bail bond companies, are required to be certified as per the California Department of Insurance, and only then are they permitted to assist individuals that are in need of a bail bond to have someone released from custody.  The 10% dividend is normally paid prior to  release process commencement, however, concessions can be made to those with an acceptable credit history.

When choosing to hire the services of a bail bondsman, or even a bail bond organization, always make sure that they can prove they are fully licensed, and qualified. Take into account that any bail bond firm who promises a 5% bail bond fee, is in violation of California Law, and consequently, acting illegally. In the case that you maybe suspicious of a bail bond agency, call the Better Business Bureau to make sure they are, in fact legitimate.

Some bail bond firms will request surety as a guarantee that the offender will attend their scheduled court dates. This perhaps could be in the form of a cash payment, or even real estate. All bail bond companies are committed to refund any collateral secured, shortly after the case is finished. Payments for any bail bonds are usually paid for in advance of a person’s release, and there are diverse methods available for you to choose from.  It is always advised to discuss payment options with your bail bond establishment. Some firms will permit you or your family to enter in to a payment plan, which will ease some of the financial stress. Should someone end up being accepted for a payment schedule, they will then be known as the co-signer, or, indemnitor. That particular friend or family member is agreeing to take responsibiioty for the inmate, as well as assuring that they will appear for all court days, otherwise they will be required to pay the entire bail amount.