Can The Bail Bond Fee In Irvine Returned?

Following the arrest of a family member, most people may have no idea of what they are able to do to help. The majority of people will not be able to raise the total amount of bail on their own, so will seek the help of a bail bonds company like ours.

All bail bonds companies will charge a fee for their services, just as any business providing a service. In the case of a bail bonds company, the Department of Insurance California, dictates the amount that a bail bonds company has to charge for their fee, and that is 10% of the total amount of the bail. What is important to remember, this is a non refundable fee. While a few people may think this is unfair, the majority would think this is a fair price to secure their freedom until their court hearing.

Once Irvine Bail Bonds has been contacted, the fee paid, or at least a payment plan for it organized, our company will then post bail on behalf of the defendant and secure their freedom. The defendant is then free to return to their normal daily lives, be with their family, and continue in the their job up until their court date. Of course there will be conditions that must be adhered to in order to maintain this freedom.

Irvine Bail Bonds will also guide our clients through the entire bail bond process. Clients do not have to face this alone. We are always happy to answer any questions, and avail ourselves to assist when our clients need us the most. There aren’t many other bail bond companies around that offer the premium services that we do, which is why we are the #1 bail bonds company in Southern California.

As Irvine Bail Bonds has posted the bail on behalf of the defendant, the defendant will have to agree to attend each and every court date, as well as any other conditions attached to the bail bond agreement. If the defendant does not meet with their agreement, a bench warrant can be issued, and the defendant will be taken back in to custody, which means their bail privileges will instantly be revoked.

If the defendant does meet each and every requirement, our bail bonds company will be able to have the bail they posted, returned to them once the court case has been completed. If a not guilty verdict is delivered, we will still retain the bail bond fee. The fee is for services rendered, and as we have been hired to secure the release of the defendant, we are entitled to keep this fee as they have fulfilled the job we were employed to do.

So, if you, or a family member have been arrested, and have been detained in custody pending a court hearing, call us immediately on (949) 200-6830. Our services are available on a 24/7 basis, so you are assured of getting the right assistance at the exact time you need it. You can also find even more great information by visiting our website.