Following Arrest

What Happens Following An Arrest

When someone has become arrest for an offense in the state of California, they will be taken to a nearby law enforcement location for processing and booking. The particular booking procedure will very much depend upon how large, and/or busy the actual station is.  This procedure can take as little as one hour, or anywhere up to, or even exceeding twelve hours.

When arriving for booking and processing, the arrested person will be searched for weapons and illegal substances. All of their personal belongings will be removed and documented by an officer/jailer inside of the jail. An inmate will not receive access to any of their own personal belongings while incarcerated. The booking process will also include being fingerprinted, background check, warrant check, together with being processed into the system. They will then also be cross referenced by the nationwide criminal system, and updated into that system as well. Immediately after this process, the inmate is taken to a jail cell.

Some jails can allow the inmate one call from a payphone, if they have one.  If there is no payphone, they will get access to another phone at the jailer’s convenience.  Inmates are not allowed to receive phone calls, nor to messages, so if you do receive a phone call from someone in jail, it is vital that you gather vital information.  If you are going to employ a bail bond company, they will need you to have certain information regarding where the inmate is being held, what they were arrested for, and their full legal name.  It might also be a good idea at this stage to inquire from the inmate if there is anyone else you can contact for them.

If the inmate qualifies for bail, this can come up during the booking process.  Bail, however, can not be set until after the booking process has been finalized.  Once the booking process is finished, the bail process can commence.